Remote Deposit Capture

Check processing is undergoing a dramatic evolution. Remote Deposit Capture, RDC, is one of the most significant developments in recent years for the banking industry. It is becoming an integral aspect of banking solutions. The convenience of RDC is unparalleled to the previous options and it allows for better deposit availability, reduced risk, and reduced transportation costs. At its most basic level, RDC is a solution that allows a check to be scanned and transmitted to the bank for clearing and posting. As the industry migrates to electronic check image exchange under Check 21, your payments infrastructure needs to be more agile and efficient. AQ2 Technologies can help you adapt to industry changes at the branch level. Combining world-class technology, service and support with unmatched imaging, scanning and data recognition experience, AQ2 delivers the digital framework needed to stay ahead of the curve. Our proven AQ2 platform covers all aspects of transaction processing- from item capture to image processing, management, archival and delivery.

Remote Deposite Capture

Some of the benefits to AQ2’s Remote Deposit Capture solutions are:

  • Eliminate paper check transportation expenses
  • Reduce data entry keystrokes using amount recognition
  • Reduce paper handling and overall number of touch points
  • Clear checks electronically through the Federal Reserve
  • Enable secure accessibility across the enterprise
  • Deliver better value and service to customers and bank departments
  • Expand your geographic footprint and compete with larger banks
  • Meet evolving payments, technology, security and regulatory trends
  • Manage change as the industry migrates towards electronic payments