Property Management

AQ2′s Property Management Solution
allows you to manage payments swiftly and accurately.

Any property manager, association, business, bank or service provider that accepts checks as a form of payment from members or renters can benefit from AQ2 Property Management. AQ2 Property Management is scalable for businesses that process as few as 25 checks per day up to hundreds or even thousands of checks daily.

For Property Managers

If you receive paper check payments from your members or renters chances are you spend a lot of time processing those payments. Perhaps you receive remittances in the mail, with or without remittance slips, or you collect paper check payment at a front-counter operation. We can eliminate the laborious manual process of getting these payments ready for depositing.

  • Property Management Firms
  • Apartment/Condominium Complexes
  • Business Office Complexes
  • Homeowners Associations
  • Country Clubs
  • Fitness Centers
  • Marinas/Harbors
  • Parking Garages
  • Storage Companies

Improve Check Processing

Improve Check Processing Efficiencies

Using check capture technology, you can significantly reduce operations and labor costs. AQ2 Property Management allows users to electronically transmit check images and related information quickly, without relying on couriers or daily trips to the nearest branch. Furthermore, the high costs of manually listing check amounts on deposit slips, manual research processes, and hard copy distribution all become things of the past.

Check Processing

Designed for Property Management Check Processing AQ2 Property Management handles business-specific issues with ease.

A property management firm or bank processing payments for multiple groups of members or renters will find it easy to use AQ2 Property Management to customize input fields, reports and more – for each of its properties. It also makes variations in payment coupons, scan lines, payment types, bank accounts, accounting systems, etc. a non-issue.

Furthermore, AQ2 Property Management includes a billing module that helps you compile the information you need to accurately invoice your clients.

  • A full-featured check capture and electronic deposit solution for property managers.
  • Scan checks wherever check payments are processed.
  • Eliminate photocopies; access check images at any time.
  • Capture data for uploading into your accounts receivable system.
  • Automatically reject checks from non-members (closed/canceled accounts).
  • Encode/endorse checks through the scanner.
  • Eliminate paper check transportation expenses.
  • Reduce data entry keystrokes using amount recognition.
  • Reduce paper handling and overall number of touchpoints.
  • Transmit checks electronically for Check 21 and ACH clearing and posting.
  • Supports multiple banks/accounts; specify file type generated (X9.37) for each account.
  • Secure remote transmission of sensitive customer check data.
  • Access deposited funds faster.
  • Enable secure accessibility across the enterprise.
  • Deliver better value and service to your members/renters.
  • Run comprehensive transaction-based reports quickly.
Check processing