AQ2 Lockbox

AQ2 streamlines lockbox processing by integrating advanced imaging, recognition and scanning technologies to maximize return, mitigate risk and increase performance. AQ2 Lockbox enables financial institutions to reliably process retail, wholesale and whole-tail lockbox transactions. Volumes may vary for each of your lockbox clients, but if you are processing checks that total in the dozens, hundreds, or thousands, AQ2 Lockbox can save valuable labor and monetary resources. Our solution allows users to electronically transmit check images and related information quickly. Furthermore, the high costs of manually listing check amounts on deposit slips, manual research processes, and hardcopy distribution all become things of the past.

Lock Box

See what AQ2’s Lockbox solution can do for you:

  • A full-featured check capture and electronic deposit solution for lockbox processors.
  • Scan checks for all customers using your shared technological resources.
  • Eliminate photocopied and faxed checks; customers can access check images.
  • Automatically reject checks from non-customers (closed/canceled accounts).
  • Encode/endorse checks through the scanner.
  • Eliminate paper check transportation expenses.
  • Reduce data entry keystrokes using amount recognition.
  • Reduce paper handling and overall number of touchpoints.
  • Transmit checks electronically for Check 21 and ACH clearing and posting.
  • Supports multiple accounts; specify file type generated (X9.37) for each account.
  • Secure remote transmission of sensitive customer check data.
  • Export check and deposit data for upload into client-specific accounting systems.

Service bureau lockbox providers are subject to an intense process that is unique to their business. Each of your customers has different volumes and processing requirements, different banking relationships, different accounting systems and reporting requirements. AQ2 Lockbox can help you simplify and effectively gain and maintain control over your entire operation. It even makes it easy to process check only payments containing little customer-specific information.

AQ2 Lockbox is easy to configure and use for each new lockbox you add. It will enable you to grow your business and improve your bottom line without increasing headcount!