Banking and Financial

Banks and Financial Institutions are the largest market segment serviced by AQ2 Technologies. On average we process 10 million or more payments per month. AQ2 is proud to offer a full suite of automated remittance, lockbox and deposit solutions tailored to address the specific processing needs of your organization.


AQ2’s Remit-Utility solution allows Utility companies to accept checks from customers and process them quickly and accurately to allow more resources to be devoted to the quality service their customers are accustomed to.


AQ2 Technologies software solutions are an ideal fit for government agencies. AQ2’s software automates the receipt of payments with solutions for federal, state and municipalities.

Gifts and Donations

Gift and Donations Your organization’s ability to deliver its mission is often related to its ability to increase donation volume while accepting large quantities of checks in a standardized manner. AQ2 Gift and Donation addresses these critical issues by streamlining your donation processing and receipting operations.