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Remote Deposit Capture

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The FFIEC has issued new guidance relative to 2012 and beyond for the risk management framework associated with internet and electronic banking which includes remote deposit capture (RDC).  All institutions utilizing RDC as a means of growth and convenience to their customers will require a risk management solution to comply with the new FFIEC standards.  RiskXP is THE solution which passes the examiners test.

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What our Customers have to say about us:

“While I was there they told me how much they have enjoyed working with AQ2 and mainly how helpful the customer service department was. They must have mentioned at least five times what a “lifesaver” customer service was. They said that anytime they have a problem they are always very helpful and have been an absolute joy to work with.”
Reece Tarwater, Federal Check Protection
“I think that, had we not put in RiskXP, we would have received a letter from our regulators telling us that we could not continue our remote deposit capture operations.”
Large Southeastern Bank
“We spent numerous hours demonstrating products similar to the AQ2 solution and could not find anyone that could take care of all of our processing needs in one easy step. AQ2 took care of our check 21 and bill remittance issues and they have exceeded our expectations. Our bank was not ready for the chek21 process and thanks to AQ2 working with them on a solution they are now ready to accept our X9 files.”
Shane Lawson, IT Cleveland Utilities
“The scan equipment from AQ2 has made a tremendous difference in our daily work. It has decreased the amount of time we spend processing mail by about 50%.”
Renetta Barnes, City of Panama City
“Baldwin has reduced the cost of processing mail payment by 50% by implementing the AQ2 system. This enables Baldwin to focus on maintaining the highest level of service, while keeping rates affordable and improving cash flow through quicker deposits.”
Alan Schott, Baldwin EMC
“The AQ2 systems that we have installed throughout the West Coast have always been implanted beyond our expectations. Issues that would normally set other competitors installations schedules back weeks or even months, AQ2 is able to overcome within hours. This is due to the experience of the AQ2 staff and the flexibility provided by a 100% parameter driven configuration in the software.”
Brett Gordan, Technology Unlimited Inc
“With the installation of the AQ2 software, we saved money by not having to hire additional help during our peak processing times.”
Skip Dunn, Worldwide Church of God
“Support has been excellent.”
Pat Walden, University of California at Irvine
“The system is very user friendly with a Windows like environment, using icons for different modules. The error messages also offer step-by-step instructions of how to correct the error, along with pictures to ensure the user understands the corrective actions.”
Debbie Kline, Fidelity National Financial
“This single purchase is saving our ministry $30,000 annually! We’re able to process thousands of contributions with far greater efficiency and speed, so we can thank our donors who are bonding with our ministry with continued loyalty and commitment.”
Ed Morgan, President, Christian Herald
“We were able to cut our staffing in half after installing AQ’s remittance solution. I greatly appreciate how quickly our questions are answered and issues resolved.”
Nancy Buckner, Executive Director of Banking and Donor Services at Marilyn Hickey Ministries

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