Web Portal Payment
Any government entity, non-profit or private company that wants the ability to collect online payments will benefit from the Online Payment Portal. The payment portal is scale-able and whether you are processing 1 or 100,000 transactions daily, the pricing remains the same. Most of our clients use the “Convenience Fee” model, which allows anyone to use our system at completely no cost. We are responsible with setting the fee, and your customers choose to pay this fee as a convenience to pay online. Whether you choose to consume the fees or add a “Convenience Fee”, you will be receiving a streamline payment processing solution that will increase efficiencies and lower labor costs.

Some of the impressive features of our solution include:

  • Web Application – Our mobile friendly web application allows for monitoring and managing payments with ease in a centralized location.
  • User Friendly – The portal & web application is designed to be extremely user friendly & easy to use.
  • Reporting – Use the web application to run various reports to help in the reconciliation process.
  • Consistency – The payment portal will mimic your website so the customer will feel comfortable to make an online payment.
  • Secure and Compliant – All communications during transactions are encrypted by the latest TLS standards, and all transactions are processed by a PCI Level 1 compliant payment processor.
  • Emailed Receipts – Customers receive a digital receipt at end of transaction, plus have the option to receive an emailed receipt for their records.
  • Multiple Ways of Achievement – The order of operations can work three different ways depending on how we receive the data from your management system. With full integration capabilities (pull data / write back data), partial integration (just pull data), or simply use the Direct Method (export reports & upload).
  • Edit/Add Receivables – Once data is in the system, you can edit or add receivables from the Web App.