Scottsdale, AZ Installs Successful Remittance System to Handle Payments of Utilities and Licenses
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February 3, 2012

Scottsdale, Arizona recently installed a successful remittance system to handle utilities and license payments. Scottsdale’s Remittance Processing program processes and deposits mail-in payments for utilities, sales tax and licenses, alarm permits, and uncontested parking tickets. Prior to bringing these payment processing services in-house, this was contracted for through the city’s banking provider.

In addition to mailed-in checks, Remittance Processing also uploads electronic payments. Scottdale allows its residents the option to pay utility bills and parking tickets online

See a summary of payment processing methods below:

In addition to electronic payments, check processing has become more automated. Scottsdale’s Finance and Accounting Divison is currently working to implement Remote Deposit Capture to gain processing efficiencies, accelerate check clearing, and decrease banking fees. This process will allow Remittance Processing to scan checks and transmit the images rather than the physical checks to the city’s bank for deposit.

This trend of increased electronic payments and advances in processing methods presents an opportunity for the city to assess the in-house remittance processing function to provide improved customer service and faster payment processing at a lower cost.

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